It becomes the first city in India to retail Bharat Stage-VI grade petrol and diesel.

Delhi has become the first city in India to retail Bharat Stage-VI- grade petrol and diesel, and the good
news is that there is no increase in per unit price. The original nationwide roll-out was planned for
April 1, 2020 but the chronic air pollution problem in the national capital has forced an early entry.
Last week, the Supreme Court urged the government to figure out the feasibility of bringing BS-VI
fuels to other metro cities ahead of the 2020 deadline.

India’s new vehicle emission standards will mirror the Euro emission standards, which are primarily
focused on the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and
particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Based on the original emission norms that were scheduled for India, it would have put our country a
few years behind Europe. In early 2016, vehicle makers and fuel suppliers were caught off-guard by
the government’s shock announcement. They leap frogged BS-V altogether and issued a circular
stating that BS-VI norms will come in by 2020. Using BS-VI fuel in your vehicle is good for your
vehicle, the lower the sulphur content, the cleaner it burns. A BS-IV- compliant car running on BS-VI
diesel could emit 50 percent less particulate matter.

Carmakers are currently pulling out all stops to try and get cars ready that are BS-VI compliant by the
2020 deadline.

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