Tamil Nadu purchases 25 Royal Enfield Motorcycles for disinfection in narrow lanes as the state steps up the fight against COVID-19

Tamil Nadu has over 30,152 confirmed cases and a death toll reaching 250 plus now, making it one of the worst affected Indian state.  The State Government is deploying Royal Enfield motorcycles in its disinfection campaign for narrow congested areas.  The Fire and Rescue Service department is equipping customized Royal Enfield motorcycles with disinfectants. There has been no official statement from either the manufacturer or the government regarding the model. The Tamil Nadu government recently purchased 25 Royal Enfield motorcycles at the cost of Rs 1. 36 crores for the COVID-19 disinfection campaign. So, the average cost works out to be around Rs 5.5 lakhs per motorcycle which is more than the cost of the original bike itself.  This could be due to the fact that the modifications required a fair bit of work. In recent years, Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has been a popular choice for the various government departments in India and even the Indian army deploys it. So, we can make an educated guess about the customization being done on the Bullet 350 but we will await the actual disclosure from Royal Enfield in the coming days.


The Fire and Rescue services would be deploying the customized Royal Enfield motorcycles fitted with disinfectant sprayer in congested localities. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister inaugurated the Royal Enfield campaign last Wednesday from his base office. Total of nine Royal Enfield motorcycles marked the beginning of the novel disinfection campaign. According to reports, once the pandemic goes away, the motorcycles would become part of the fire-fighting brigade. The Fire Service department has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle, over45,000 locations such as hospitals, markets, bus terminals have been sanitized since we entered the turbulent phase. No word is out on the exact modifications carried out on  these Royal Enfield motorcycles to make them worthy of the work. One clear observation we can make is the presence of custom paint job on the modified two-wheelers. Feature and equipment-wise, the new Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite similar to the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services (TNRFS) Enfield motorcycles. 

The customized Royal Enfield motorcycles would be equipped with a 9-litre tank fitted with a sprayer. The tank usually contains water mixed with foam to control fires but in the specific COVID-19 disinfection, the water is mixed with disinfection. A public announcement system has also been added to these motorcycles for regulating the crowd or passing on the necessary information.  

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