The company inoculated over 60 drivers on the first day at its Oragadam Plant

Daimler India has started free vaccination for truck drivers for every brand at its vaccination centre in Chennai. The company inoculated over 60 drivers on the first day at its Oragadam Plant as part of the company's third party vaccinations. The German brand has already vaccinated 3000 supplier staff and third party contractors on-site, in addition to its own 3000 employees and their dependents. It had commenced a fully company-sponsored vaccination drive in May for employees and dependents and within a couple of months, all medically-eligible employees had received the first jab.

Daimler Vaccination Programme

Mr. Satyakam Arya, MD & CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, said: “Vaccination is India’s best hope for surviving the pandemic and returning to normalcy. We at DICV are proud to do our part to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and their loved ones by providing easy access to free, safe vaccination and a comprehensive support program. It is our honour to further extend vaccination support to all the truck drivers who help keep the world moving.” Daimler is aiming to achieve full two-dose vaccination for both employees and dependents at the earliest possible timing. The employees receiving the first dose of vaccine also include suppliers and third party contractors.

Daimler COVID-19 Initiatives

Daimler has been offering more than 100 initiatives for all its stakeholders during the pandemic. Besides developing a health and wellness app internally, it has also conducted dozens of educational webinars to educate and aware all its employees on the need for vaccination and social distancing. Recently, it introduced the DICV Support Program for Dependents which offers extended medical coverage and financial support for families in the unlikely event of an employee’s demise due to COVID-19. The policy provides long-term aid to the dependents of full-time employees, including either an ex-gratia payout of Rs 10 Lakhs or 2 years CTC, whichever is higher. The dependents will also receive an ex-gratia salary for three years.

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