Citroen is all set to introduce their new concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Citroen is all geared up to unveil their concept car called the Ami One at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The carmaker says that the Ami One concept represents the brand’s vision of future urban mobility.  The car has been designed to be shared for short and medium periods of time or to be privately owned with the battery maintenance and parking included in the monthly payment.

The Citroen Ami One is 2500 mm long, 1500 mm wide and 1500 mm tall while it only weighs 425 kgs. It is all-electric and has a top speed of 45 km/hr, so it can be driven without a license in some countries. The lithium-ion battery is stored flat under the floor and takes 2 hours to charge at a public station or a Wallbox. The car has a range of 100 km on a single charge.  Customers can also charge their Ami One by plugging into standard home sockets using an extension cable.

All electric vehicles made after January 1, 2019, must emit an artificial sound at low speeds to warn pedestrians of their approach. Citroen has equipped the Ami One with its own sound signature, which mixes male and female voices forming a sequence of notes that change according to speed.

The Ami One has been designed very youthfully and has several symmetrical body parts. For example, the door on the driver’s side is rear-hinged, whereas the one on the passenger’s side is front-hinged, and the two bumpers are identical, although partly concealed at the front and opened at the rear to display the license plate.

On the inside, the concept has space for two occupants, but before accessing the cabin, the driver will need to unlock the doors via a QR code. Then, they’ll have to place their smartphone in a dedicated area in front of them and the interaction with the car can begin. The head-up display-like system mirrors a smartphone screen and users will find features such as voice command, an instrument cluster with a 5-inch screen and an intuitive design and a Bluetooth speaker with volume control in the cockpit. Moreover, users can access the battery charge, electricity consumption and other information remotely using their smartphones.

“Citroen designed Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport (bus, train etc.) and other modes of transport such as bikes and electric scooters,” said Citroen. They also added that “just as the 2CV made freedom of movement broadly accessible last century, Ami One Concept frees up urban mobility for everyone with its unique and popular character advocating a new experience.”

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