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Cities can ban diesel cars: German courts

  • Published On: 1 March 2018
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The court allowed cities to ban older, more polluting cars from entering.

Cities in Germany can now legally ban diesel vehicles, thanks to a new ruling by the country’s Federal Administrative Court. The cities of Stuttgart and Düsseldorf can now officially prevent older, higher-polluting models from driving into certain areas to help cut emissions.

Germany is currently facing a growing urban nitrogen oxide pollution problem, spurred by the popularity of diesel cars on its roads. Around 70 of the country’s cities exceed EU limits for NOx last year. The German government opposes banning of vehicles from city centres since this would affect economic productivity and lower-income drivers.

The country has also been vocal about the Volkswagen emissions scandal and is Europe’s most outspoken countries on the subject. Manufacturers are slowly removing diesel cars from their line-ups thanks to declining demand.

Author: Droom

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