Choose the Right Tata SUV Among Hexa, Nexon, Harrier, and Safari Storme

Tata Motors has witnessed a turnaround like no other brand in the Indian market. From a brand that was almost designated as a cab maker to a brand that has some of the best looking cars in the Indian market, Tata has indeed come a long way. From the launch of Nexon to the latest Harrier SUV, the brand has a very good line-up of SUVs in the Indian market that are not only good on power but also come armed with good looks and a great road presence. However, amid these many options present in the market, one can often get confused as to which Tata SUV to pick. Therefore, from the pool of the Nexon, Harrier, Hexa, and Safari Storme, we have today assigned these SUVs to usage scenario. While this list may not be comprehensive, it should give you a fair idea as to which SUV you should pick when you decide to go with Tata Motors.

Off Roaders

The name Safari has been associated with grandeur in the market since a long time. However, the current Safari Storme in the market is also a very good off-roading SUV. While the Hexa with its 4WD may be good for some soft roading, a true blue off-roader will always require low-ratio transfer case and the Safari Storme delivers on the same front. The presence of 4x4 low-ration transfer case on the Safari Storme means that the SUV will take you to your place of desire with the comfort of a well-appointed cabin. 

City Commuter

Yes, Nexon is the obvious choice here, not only because it is most affordable SUV here, but also because it is a compact SUV. Although a case can be made about Harrier here, but Harrier is not only a tad bit large, as of now it also does not come with an automatic option, Whereas, the Nexon not only scores on affordability and compact nature, it also comes with the convenience of an AMT unit that is available with both petrol and diesel options. This fact alone makes it better for city commutes, and the cabin of Nexon is also full of features, so there is no compromise on the comfort front as well. Lastly, the mileage of Nexon is also the highest here, so you end up saving a lot on fuel as well.  

Long Distance

The sheer road presence of Harrier makes it one of the top choices for highway riding. Not to mention that the capable diesel engine that also does duty on Jeep Compass and MG Hector is great for long drives. The oodles of space inside the Harrier will ensure that all your road trips are without any fatigue. The cabin of Harrier is also full with features to the brim, so long distance drive comfort is not an issue here. Lastly, the Land Rover derived platform of the Harrier also means that the SUV has very good road behaviour at high speeds.

Family Man

This one goes to Tata Hexa, not only because the SUV can seat 7 people (Safari Storme can also do the same), but because of the sheer ride comfort that the Hexa offers over Safari Storme. The presence of 4WD on the SUV also means that the SUV will never face issues on mildly challenging terrains. The 7-seater is perfect for a family trip with all the space to hold the luggage for 5 and if your family is large, the extra 2 seats will always come in handy. Not to mention that the automatic option will only make life with the Hexa easier.

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