The tech works by using gas thrusters to combat slides while cornering.

German firm Bosch is testing safety tech that uses gas thrusters to prevent slides while cornering. In a
video that emerged online, a motorcycle is seen negotiating a turn and crossing a patch of gravel, which
ends up making the rider fall and slide. The front tyre completely loses grip and causes the bike to slide
wide. In the second part of the video, the same gravel patch is attacked but the bike is equipped with
thrusters on either side. As the front tyre enters the gravel patch and begins to lose grip, a thruster on
the outside of the bike is fired almost instantly. The reaction force from the thruster pushes the bike
inwards and the assistance of the blast of gas helps the motorcycle to hold its line through the turn.
There is no official word on when this tech will make it to a production motorcycle.

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