BMW likely to launch X7 in 2018

  • Published By: Droom
  • 31 January 2017

The X-range flagship will be substantially bigger than the X5; will be a proper seven-seater.

BMW’s X-line of SUVs will get a new range-topping model in the X7. The model is expected to be substantially bigger than the X5, but it remains to be seen how BMW adapts its styling for its biggest-ever SUV.

Little is known about the car’s technical details, save for the fact that it will share its building blocks with the latest 7-series and will be powered by the same set of engines as its sedan counterpart.

What BMW will focus on is making the X7 a more luxurious car than the 7-series. More so, the SUV is also likely to get an ultra-luxurious variant after it is launched. This version of the X7 will feature a four-seat interior layout instead of a seven-seat one, with the rear seats getting dedicated entertainment systems and all seats getting massage functions.

Expect the model to be revealed sometime later in 2017, while it’s unlikely to arrive in India before 2018.

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