These strange traffic laws being implemented in India will leave you surprised.

As compared to traffic police in different developed parts of the world, you’ll find that their Indian counterparts are quite lenient. A lot of laws will actually leave you surprised. However, in common scenarios police does not enforce these laws, still their existence cannot be denied and there have been a few instances where public was penalized for using these ‘obscure’ laws. 

Blocking Paths in Parking Lots is Not Allowed

Organized parking spaces in India often face this issue. There are a lot of drivers who do not park their vehicles in the right spaces, which leads to the path of other vehicles being blocked. Summoning the police in such a case will lead to offender being fined Rs. 100. This rule exists to curb blockages in parking lots but people choose to ignore it due to low fine. Not to forget that people rarely dial police upon finding themselves stuck in a parking space.  

Absence of First-Aid Leads to Fine

This rule in particular applies only for Chennai and Kolkata and its applicability in other states may vary. In case of an accident, if the driver fails to provide first-aid to any passenger in the car, the said driver can face up to Rs. 500 in fines or a 3-month jail sentence. The purpose of enforcing this rule was to make sure that all vehicles indeed have a first-aid kit in them at all times. This has now been a mandatory sale when buying a new 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler in any part of India.

Smoking Inside the Car

Smoking while your car is in a public place goes against the law in the areas of Delhi-NCR. No matter if your vehicle is parked at idle, when in a public area, the passengers can be fined up to Rs. 100 for smoking inside the vehicle. The intent behind introduction of this rule is to discourage the practice of smoking in and around public areas. Another reason for this rule could be that smoking may lead to the driver of vehicle being distracted.

Borrowing the Car for a Short While

Again, this rule is applicable only in Chennai. As per this rule, if someone is using a borrowed vehicle, the owner should have a clear knowledge of their vehicle being borrowed. In case the police stops you and finds out that that owner has no clear knowledge of you borrowing their car, the offender can face three months in jail or a Rs. 500 fine. The intent behind enforcing the said rule is to prevent cars from being stolen, as thieves often escaped after citing the fact that they borrowed the car from the owner.

Getting a Screen Fixed

In the era of touchscreen infotainment systems, this trend refuses to buck. A lot of car owners often get such systems installed that play videos even when the car is moving. Such an act of getting a TV or a device capable of displaying videos, while the car is in motion can lead to a fine of Rs. 100 for the violator. However, this rule is applicable in Mumbai only. Video playback while driving can distract the driver, which has the potential to lead to a major accident. Devices provided by the manufacturers on the other hand are connected to the ECU or handbrake of the vehicle and refuse to play videos while the vehicle is in motion.

Idling Car’s Engine

Once again, a Mumbai specific rule, if the police finds someone idling their car’s engine, the violator can be fined to the tune of Rs. 100. Whether it is a traffic signal or a roadside parking, idling the engine at any place means breaking the rule. This is to make sure that engines are turned off in order for better conservation of fuel.

Giving Strangers a Lift

Giving Strangers a Lift is also an offense in India. Doing so can lead to your vehicle being seized for it being used as a taxi. Offering the roadside strangers a lift is against the rules in India. The idea behind this rule was to curb cases of looting and ensuring private vehicles are not used for commercial purposes.

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