Mahindra Bolero sports all-metallic bumper at the rear as well as front with no front headlamps!

Mahindra Bolero is one of the successful SUV models in Indian auto market ever since its launch. The home-grown automaker began the sales of Bolero in 2000 and it's still going strong. The BS6 compliant Mahindra Bolero was launched recently in March 2020. The boxy-looking SUV has sold over one million units in the last 20 years, illustrating its wide appeal in the Indian market. The Bolero has seen off the competition over the last two decades and continues to ride its way into the hearts of Indian people. It is widely popular in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities while being the favourite of Indian politicians too. The automobile designers love the idea of modifying the Bolero as we recently saw one Kerala based Automotive dealer adding a portable toilet to the SUV. 


Today, we are going to talk about the wildest modification done to Mahindra Bolero so far. What’s unique about the modification is that the automotive designers have customized a newly purchased Bolero rather than a used one. A video uploaded here shows how the SUV was transformed and the process undertaken to cut the body metal.

The modified Bolero sports no headlamps at the front as they are replaced by slim LED lamps. The stock bumper has gone for a toss in favour of a new metal bumper which is carved out of a 3mm metal sheet. The front grille is rectangular in shape and comes with a mesh protective shield. The custom modified Bolero is equipped with an electric winch in the front in order to help you get out of muddy conditions in your off-road travels. 

The bonnet lit is equipped with a faux air intake which doesn’t serve any purpose and is added purely for improving the overall looks. Although, the modified Bolero looks muscular and imposing due to the addition of the air intake. As there are no headlamps at the front, two 50-inch LED bars are added to the roof. Designers have removed the rear section and if you wish, the rear section can be completely stripped to make the backside look bare with an open section. Twin exhausts are deployed at the all-metallic rear bumper while the stock tail lamps give way to new customized ones. Rear has boot space for putting a 20-litre fuel can in case you wish to make a long road journey. The stock tyres are swapped with new mud terrain ones, thus giving a higher ground clearance to the SUV. 

We couldn’t find out from the video about any changes done to the cabin as such. In the first impression, the modified Mahindra Bolero looks wild and muscular. Due to the structural changes undertaken on the vehicle, this would be illegal according to the Indian laws. The wild Mahindra Bolero can be used for off-roading at private properties.

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