The E-Scooter BattRE Electric Mobility IOT was launched at Rs 79.999. This price includes a one year IOT apps membership. The BattRE IOT is the third scooter for the company and a new variant of their current BattRE e-scooter. BattRE markets the scooter on Amazon India to get it shipped to your doorstep.

The BattRE e-scooter base comes with a host of features including LED headlamp, tail light, turn indicators, wireless LCD instrument screen, USB adapter, keyless entry, anti-theft warning, disk lock and reverse assist software. In addition to these apps, the BattRE IOT e-scooter provides recommendations for mobile access, routing assistance, trip data, voice-enabled software, SOS notifications, call warnings, ride pattern-based feedback for artificial intelligence, and online service queries and records stored in the cloud.

The BattRE IOT stands out from the e-scooter base with sporty graphics and four new colors: black (yellow stripes), white (orange stripes), orange (gray stripes) and yellow (orange stripes). This utilizes the same powertrain and underpinnings as the base BattRE e-scooter, other than the new graphics and functionality. Energy is courtesy of a BLDC hub motor of 250 watts that propels it to a top speed of 25kph. It gets a lithium ion battery pack of 48V 30Ah which gives up to 85 km of range. BattRE claims a 2.5-hour charge-time. Underpinnings include monoshock and telescopic forks. On both ends, braking is achieved via disk brakes.

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