Bajaj Preparing To Launch Pulsar 125 in Indian Market

Indian automaker Bajaj sells the NS125 bike in the international market and a lot of speculation was rife that the maker is all set to bring the same bike to the Indian market. However, recent reports have come up on the internet stating that the upcoming 125cc bike from Bajaj Auto Limited will be launched in the Indian market under the name of Pulsar. TO let you know, Bajaj did have a low displacement Pulsar in the Indian market by the name of Pulsar 135 LS, but it was discontinued some time ago. The report states that the new 125 cc bike by the maker will not be brought under the NS brand of the company, unlike the international markets. Perhaps a reason behind the brand taking the Pulsar brand to bring the 125cc bike to the Indian market could be the immense popularity of the Pulsar line-up in the Indian market which will help the upcoming 125cc bike sell large number of units in the market.

The NS brand from Bajaj is fairly popular in the Indian market but it is not as popular as the Pulsar brand. If the aforementioned reports are to be believed, the upcoming 125cc bike from the maker will be the lowest displacement bike of the Pulsar line-up ever since the brand was launched in the Indian market. As already mentioned the erstwhile lowest displacement bike of the Pulsar brand was the 135 LS model, which was discontinued in the Indian market a while ago.

The reason behind Bajaj Auto Limited launching the 125cc Pulsar could be the sluggish sales that the industry has been facing lately. With the upcoming BS-VI emission norms set to kick in from April 2020, the cost of the bikes will go up once again. This could mean record high rates of two-wheelers in the Indian market as the BNVSAP safety norms compliance and the increased rates of insurance have already pushed the price of vehicles in the market.

Therefore, there are chances that Bajaj may take the non-ABS route with the upcoming 125cc Pulsar in the Indian market. However, there is no confirmation regarding the same as of now as the news about the upcoming bike from the company remains scarce. What can be said with certainty is that bringing a smaller displacement bike under the Pulsar brand name will surely help the maker with sales numbers as a low cost Pulsar bike will find many takers in the price sensitive Indian market.

Talking of the upcoming Pulsar 125 itself, there are hopes that the design pattern of the bike will be the same as the existing Pulsar line-up in the market and the engine used in the bike could also be the same as the one seen on NS 125 models in the global market. However, all this remains speculation as of now. The bike is expected to be launched sooner rather than later in the Indian market and the details about the bike will only begin flowing in once the launch date of the bike nears.

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