Bajaj’s Latest Advert Shows Dominar 400 in Two New Colors

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  • 19 April 2019

Bajaj planning to offer new Dominar 400 in two new colors.

Bajaj had recently presented the updated 2019 version of their sports tourer Dominar 400, prices for Dominar 400 start at Rs. 1.74 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The new update brings in a lot of changes for the company’s flagship sports-tourer in the market. As compared to the last-generation, the new Bajaj Dominar 400 is Rs. 10,000 pricier. Currently, the Pune-based bike maker offers its sports tourer in two colors -- green (Auroral Green) and black (matte Vine Black). Now, the company has brought forth a new advert wherein one can see the Dominar 400 in two new shades that may hit the markets in the near future.

The advert shows the sports tourer by Bajaj Auto Limited in two new shades -- glossy red and matte silver. The earlier version of Dominar was also offered in red but the new version’s shade is quite distinct as the new color is not only a lighter shade of red, it is also quite glossy. The introduction of the matte silver is a new move as the older version was never offered in this shade.

The new advert shows Dominar carving out the track as well as handling off-road very nicely. This is in line with the brand’s philosophy behind Dominar 400 as the company pitches the bike as a sports tourer that can handle long road trips and short off-road stints with relative ease. It is good to see that the brand has gone with the approach of highlighting the Dominar’s positives and not focused on the negative ad campaign that was seen the last time around with the older version of bike.

Bajaj has made a lot of changes in the latest version of Dominar. As far as the engine department goes, the new Dominar will still feature the same KTM 390 derived 373 cc engine with fuel injection and liquid cooling. The new power output for the 2019 Dominar is 40 Bhp and 35 Nm. The engine also has dual camshafts instead of the older single camshaft unit. However, major upgrades that are sure to please prospective owners will be the increase in power and lower level of vibrations on the new Dominar.

2019 Bajaj Dominar features new upside-down forks, a major update from the last gen model of the sports tourer. Among other major noticeable changes on the new version of Dominar are a changed set of rear-view mirrors, a twin barrel exhaust, and a bigger radiator grille for faster cooling of the engine. Talking about the new exhaust, it is supposed to address one of the major gripes of customers – exhaust note. This new version with its twin barrel setup is expected to have a throatier and gruntier sound, something that the customers want from a 350+ cc bike.

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