Bajaj starts delivery of updated sports tourer Dominar 400, price of motorcycle finally revealed.

Bajaj had recently presented the updated 2019 version of their sports tourer Dominar 400 and now there are reports coming in that the deliveries for the updated bike has started and hence the price of the bike has also been revealed.

2019 Bajaj Dominar features new upside-down forks, a major update from the last gen model of the sports tourer. The new front suspension setup adds quite a bit of weight to the front part of the bike. This new setup will not only make this bike a lot sportier but will also offer more feedback to users. There are also new alloy wheels on offer on the updated model that lend the newer version even better looks. Among other major noticeable changes on the new version of Dominar are a changed set of rear view mirrors, a twin barrel exhaust, and a bigger radiator grille for faster cooling of the engine. Talking about the new exhaust, it is supposed to address one of the major gripes of customers – exhaust note. This new version with its twin barrel setup is expected to have a throatier and gruntier sound, something that the customers want from a 350+ cc bike.

As far as the engine department goes, the new Dominar will still feature the same KTM 390 derived 373 cc engine with fuel injection and liquid cooling. However, major upgrades that are sure to please prospective owners will be the increase in power and lower level of vibrations on the new Dominar. The new power output for the 2019 Dominar is 40 Bhp and 35 Nm. The engine also has dual camshafts instead of the older single camshaft unit. The fewer vibrations on the updated Dominar 400 also are aided by the fact that the body panels on the new Dominar are fitted more snugly that also hints at the improvement in the build quality of the maker.

The new 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 is priced at Rs. 1.74 lakhs, ex-showroom Pune. This is a hike of around Rs. 10,000 from the last generation model. However, the amount of changes that the Indian bike maker has brought to the newer model of Dominar, the price hike for the bike is pretty moderate. Dominar has also seen quite a few price hikes since being launched with dual-channel ABS at Rs. 1.50 lakhs in 2016.

Bajaj Auto will also take care of customer’s customization needs and the company is set to offer touring accessories for the bike that have been especially developed for the bike by Pune-based customization firm Autologue. The new accessories will come with backward capability meaning that they will be usable on older models of Dominar as well. The new accessories are aimed at making the updated 2019 model of Bajaj Dominar a more capable touring bike and thereby attracting more customers in the market.

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