Bajaj cuts price of Dominar 400 in India.

The new updated Bajaj Dominar will now cost Rs. 1.7 lakhs, ex-showroom. Yes, you read that right, Bajaj has announced the recently updated Dominar 400 will now burn a hole smaller by Rs. 4,000 in the pockets of future customers. The Dominar 400 was updated just two months ago and the Pune based maker has already made the bike cheaper by a small margin. The cost of the bike before the price drop was Rs. 1.74 lakhs. The company has not stated any reason for the price cut of their priciest model in the market, however, there are speculations that the sales momentum of the newly updated Bajaj Dominar has been a bit slow. The sales of the sports tourer by the company have not lived up to the expectations of the maker and the figure for the unit sales of the bike averages at around the two thousand mark.

What must be noted is that the update model of Bajaj Dominar was around Rs. 10,000 pricier than the previous model that it replaced. The price cut now pegs the hike as compared to the previous model at around Rs. 6,000. This makes the price hike as compared to the previous gen model miniscule, considering the kind of updates that the latest version of sports tourers has. Bajaj also exports the Dominar to some markets apart from India. Talking of the changes that the latest version of Dominar features, 2019 Bajaj Dominar features new upside down forks, a major update from the last gen model of the sports tourer. Among other major noticeable changes on the new version of Dominar are a changed set of rear view mirrors, a twin barrel exhaust, and a bigger radiator grille for faster cooling of the engine. The new exhaust is supposed to address one of the major gripes of customers – exhaust note. This new version with its twin barrel setup is expected to have a throatier and gruntier sound, something that the customers want from a 350+ cc bike.

As far as the engine department goes, the new Dominar will still feature the same KTM 390 derived 373 cc engine with fuel injection and liquid cooling. The new power output for the 2019 Dominar is 40 Bhp and 35 Nm. The engine also has dual camshafts instead of the older single camshaft unit. However, major upgrades that are sure to please prospective owners will be the increase in power and lower level of vibrations on the new Dominar.

Bajaj sure has put a nice package in the form of Dominar on the streets and the bike is not just an extremely good value for money deal, but the bike is also a very capable machine in its own. What is to be noted though is that the previous generation model of Dominar was also not that strong when it came to sales. It remains to be seen as to what fate does the updated model with its price cut meets in the Indian market.

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