The company, My Eco Energy, will allow cashless fuelling at its fuel stations.

My Eco Energy (MEE) sells ‘Indizel’ (bio-diesel) through seven fuel stations across India, and the company today launched its MEE Wallet App. MEE says its fuel stations are unique because they offer complete user control, providing a fully automated fuelling experience where every drop filled is accounted for because of the end-to-end automation implemented.

The company claims that there will be quantity as well as quality assurance, personalised and priority services and user control for the customers using the MEE Wallet App. The app will facilitate complete cashless fuelling, self-service and end-to-end user control at its fully digitised fuel station. The company says as a special introductory offer Indizel will be sold at a discount of Rs 3.

Ratan P Watal, member secretary of economic advisory council to the prime minister and principal advisor, NITI Aayog, said, “One of the key objectives of Digital India is to give end users complete control of their money, giving them an opportunity to be less dependent on cash and more dependent on technology. This can happen only when the businesses that they interact with are digitised and are aligned to modern technologies. MEE fuel stations are unique as they give the entire control to the user with being completely cashless, automated with minimal manual intervention and offering self-service, which is unheard of in India. MEE Wallet App is a remarkable step in the path of Digital India and we congratulate My Eco Energy on developing this technology.”

Santosh Verma, co-founder, My Eco Energy (pictured above), said, “MEE is a technology and research-driven company. We strongly believe that there is a solution to all challenges of customers, for which you need to strive hard to find answers. With MEE Wallet App, we are trying to bring a radical change in cash culture, common in the fuel industry. Cashless transactions and complete user control eradicate a lot of malpractices and gives users an assurance of quality and quantity.”

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