Armorax Tesla Model S P100D is one of the fastest bulletproof cars in the world.

There is a certain correlation between economic growth and defence expenditure which is clearly evident in the growing sales of bulletproof cars around the world. There are nearly 2-3 Lakhs armoured vehicles on the streets worldwide with people now concerned about their family safety. With the rising demand for bulletproof vehicles, a lot of innovative vehicles are coming into the limelight. When you are caught in a hail of bullets, you would need a car that accelerates you out of the danger in the fraction of a second. Let me present to you the fastest bulletproof car in the world - Armorax Tesla Model S P100D. It was developed by a Utah-based International Armoring Corporation. 

The Tesla Model S P100D base vehicle is the fastest production sedan in the world. It can do 0–97 kmph in 2.4 seconds. Armormax is one of the lightest and most powerful synthetic fibre laminate armours currently available in the world.  A surprising fact, Armormax weighs 80 percent less than the traditional steel armour. Armormax Tesla Model S P100D will shield the occupants from high powered rifles and handguns. Armormax has added just 250 kg of armour compared to the normal standard steel armour of 1361 kg. There are standard Armors offered by the International Armoring Corporation like Opaque Armour, Ballistic Glass and other customized modifications. 

Armoured Tesla Model S P100D base is pretty lightweight considering there is no addition of bulky steel armour cladding. It’s also the first armoured Tesla Model S P100 D in the world and was specifically designed for a Middle Eastern businessman. Armorax Tesla Model S P100D retains the original functionality and performance. It was designed and armoured in Ogden, Utah.  Powered by a 100 kWh battery, it can go 506 km on the EPA cycle, making it one of the longest range electric production cars in the world.  

International Armoring Corporation (IAC) has been designing the lightest and technologically advanced armoured passenger vehicles for around 25 years now. Armormax is certified as one of the lightest and helps the modified vehicles retain their performance and increase the life of the vehicles. 

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