Meet the first road-legal ATV of India -- Powerland 900D.

The moderate climate conditions across most the country and the price conscious market has never allowed ATVs to be a thing in India. Add to the fact that ATVs have never been road legal in India, and we can see that why buying a vehicle just to carry another vehicle to have some fun in an area farther removed from human habitation has never appealed Indians. However, things changed, and enter the new Powerland 900D. With a growing thirst for off-roading and the capabilities of an ATV, made them moderately popular, but the real reason why everyone can’t seem to stop talking about Powerland 900D is that it is completely road legal. Yes, you read that right, back up and read it again. Powerland 900D is registered in India as an agro-tractor! This makes it completely road legal. So now apart from an enthusiastic off-roading community, the ATV is being used by police department as well as other services. Presenting the Powerland 900D being ridden in Mumbai, and not a question of its legality in sight.

Powerland imports these units as SKD (semi-knocked down) kits from Linhai in China and then locally assembles them in Goa. The agricultural vehicle registration notwithstanding, this vehicle can be registered as a private vehicle.

As far as the engine and the specs are concerned, the Powerland 900D comes with a 800cc liquid-cooled V-Twin diesel engine rated to produce about 20 Bhp-48 Nm of peak torque. As far as the drivetrain is concerned, the ATV comes with a CVT auto gearbox with 4X4 system equipped with a low transfer case. 900D also has a reverse gear. The presence of 12-inch rims, disc brake on all wheels, and a high-travel suspension arms this ATV with nearly everything basic that it needs to take on rough roads.

The 900D has a push-type accelerator quite similar to the one found on many similar All-Terrain Vehicles in the market. There is no need to wear a helmet while riding the ATV, however 900D does comes with a permanent tow hook on the rear to justify it being registered as an agro-vehicle. Also, there is space for only two people on the ATV.

Whether it is a beach, where other most capable vehicles find themselves struggling in the loose sand, this ATV outshines others and delivers a stellar performance, or a staircase where ground clearance and approach and departure angles have other cars sweating, the ATV 900D does everything without breaking a sweat.

As far as the streets are concerned, the 20 hp of power on the ATV gives you enough grunt to comfortably cruise on the roads of cities. After all the talking about the vehicle, the obvious question is the price for the Powerland 900D, the ATV that can also be ridden on roads. The ex-showroom price of this ATV is nearly Rs. 4 Lakhs. However, since this is an agro-vehicle, the on-road price could set you back by Rs. 4.4 Lakhs. Pretty reasonable for an all-season off-roader, we’d say.

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