Man wanted to buy a Tesla Model 3 with autopilot but accidentally purchased 28 units due to a technical glitch.

Everyone calls Elon Musk a man from the future due to his association with top tech innovations of the last 2 decades - SpaceX and Tesla. SpaceX is more about space travel but Tesla is something close to our hearts as it propagates a sustainable mode of transportation. Today, electric vehicles are becoming a more  mainstream choice of commutation for consumers but it all started with Tesla. Elon Musk believed that electric cars will be the future and boy, he wasn’t wrong at all! 


People are buying Tesla cars with waiting periods stretching to even years. Famous Indians who own Tesla are Mukesh Ambani, Riteish Deshmukh and Prashant Ruia but no one has done what a German citizen did. Tesla cars are renowned for their tech features and pleasure driving while everyone wishes to own a Tesla once in their lifetime. Buying one Tesla is understandable but 28 at one go seems to be too much even for a rich man but someone did that. A German citizen accidentally ordered 28 Tesla cars on the company website, this is something that had not happened ever before in the history of Tesla.


The German who goes by the name of “Ballon-Man” on the popular Reddit forum wanted to buy a Model 3 with Autopilot but ended up buying 27 units of Model 3. The total bill for the purchase came to around 1.4 Million Euros, In Indian currency, it comes to around Rs 12 Crores. The report in the IANS claims that the fault lies at the Tesla website. After clicking the submit button, the website couldn’t place the order due to a payment issue. This occurred despite the fact that the user has filled in the correct payment details. The user reportedly kept on clicking the ‘confirm’ button but the error kept on coming for another 2 hours.

To the surprise of the buyer, Tesla's website responded later and confirmed that he has purchased 28 vehicles. 100 Euros was the minimum no-refund fee on every order and so it came out to 2,800 Euros for the 28 orders. Tesla was quick to recognize the issue and cancelled the whole order without any charges for the buyer. The buyer was asked to place a new order for the Model 3 with Autopilot.

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric four-door sedan with the Model 3 Standard Range Plus version delivering an electric range of 402 kms on a single charge. Model 3 Long Range versions can go 518 km on a single full charge. The Model 3 is equipped with full self-driving hardware and users can expect regular software updates adding functionality.

COVID-19 altered the way businesses were done as automotive companies are now digitally launching their products as well as opening online sales channels. Tesla's website glitch shows we have a long way to go before the technology becomes error-free.

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