VW will introduce one EV per month starting 2022

  • Published On: 14 March 2018

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller will create 16 new electric production sites and introduce 300 models.

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller stated that the company will bring “practically one new electric model per month” as soon as its EV programme kicks off on full steam.

Müller said Volkswagen’s big electric push is part of its “intentions to launch the largest fleet of electric vehicles of all brands in the world”. The ID hatchback will be the company’s first purpose-built electric model in 2020 and will kick start the brand’s “transition”. The company will then bring 300 new EVs cars by 2030, many of which will be added to existing model ranges.

Müller has also stated that the EV production pool “once market demand allows this”, which will “generate more work” so will require the expansion of the workforce. The CEO said that the EV range expansion will ensure VW can meet the more stringent and upcoming emissions limits, which will be less than 95g/km from 2020. “Our drivetrains will be designed in such a way that this will be met without paying fines,” he said. “And we will make sure that the conventional, traditional drivetrain will be modernised, so they will make a contribution to better air quality in our towns and cities as well.”

Müller also added that “the diesel scandal told us there was a need for radical change; the crisis has acted as a catalyst.”

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