No Sales Of Tata Nano In January, No Production Either

  • Published On: 5 February 2019

Tata Nano saw no customers in the month of January this year and there was no production either

The Tata Nano was a dream project of the Indian carmaker, calling it as a people's car. Being the most affordable car in the world, the Tata Nano made a big mark in the history of global automobile industry. However, the budget car couldn't manage to get the numbers rolling of late and unfortunately didn't even sell a single unit in January 2019 and Tata Motors didn't even produce one.

With the upcoming stringent safety norms and emission norms, Tata Motors is planning to discontinue the Nano as the Indian carmaker believes it won't be feasible to invest more on the Nano as there is scarce demand of the car in the domestic market. Last year in January 2018, Tata Motors manufactured 83 units and sold 62 units of the Nano.

After June 2018, the Indian carmaker decided to produce the Nano on order basis as the demand was too low. Unfortunately the car won't meet the upcoming regulations and will get discontinued. The Nano since launched, was updated frequently with new tech in order to keep it fresh amongst competition but of late it has lost the steam in the Indian market. 

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