TVS set to strengthen its presence in Central America.

  • Published On: 15 May 2017

The Indian company is collaborating with a Guatemalan company to set up retail and service centres in Central America.

To increase and improve its global presence, TVS has forged a partnership for expansion in Central America with MASESA (Mayor Servicios Socieda Anonima), a Guatemalan company that specialises in commercialising two- and three-wheelers in the region.

The Central American company will help TVS set up retail and service operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It will also help the bikemaker build support infrastructure for its portfolio. The first phase will involve setting up five retail showrooms in the region, each of which will come with its own integrated parts and service centres. Also, TVS products will be sold through the 500-strong dealer network that MASESA possesses in the region.

The following range of TVS products will be marketed in Central America:

Motorcycles: Star HLX 100/125, Sport 100 ES, Phoenix 125, Stryker 125, Max 125 (from the Indonesian market) and Apache RTR 160/180/200.
Scooters: Scooty Zest 110, Wego 110 and Neo 110 (from the Indonesian market).
Three-wheelers: King DLX

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