Skoda will Launch Kodiaq GT Coupe in China

  • Published On: 14 November 2017

Other markets, including Europe, could also get the SUV coupe.

The Kodiaq Coupe, badged as the Kodiaq GT, was designed to suit the Chinese market and was slated to launch in 2018. Demand for the coupe-styled SUV far exceeded expectations, so Skoda is now looking at introducing the Kodiaq GT in other countries as well, including some in Europe.

Initially however, manufacturing will focus more on China, so deliveries across the world might see a delay. The company will gauge the reaction to the new model and subsequently improve this. “Customers have expressed plenty of interest,” said Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier. “Worldwide production is part of the equation, though – we expect the group to find some capacity this year, but it is still under discussion.”

Skoda may just consider bringing the Kodiaq GT to India since there is a growing demand for sporty SUVs in the country.

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