Porsche India says 2018 will be the year of the 911

  • Published On: 11 July 2018

The company expects 35 percent of its sales to come from sports cars.

The company is looking to sell the most number of 911s it ever has in India this year. According to company data, 65 percent of the 911’s sold are of higher variants, priced over the 2.5 crore mark with the GT3 seeing a lot of demand.

Pavan Shetty Director Porsche India said, “Today the GT3’s are selling in two digits and we are still not able to satisfy the demand,” and the company has already asked for a higher allocation for India. Pavan added that the demand for the 911 range topper is three times the amount which will be allocated and supplied to India.

The overall share of sports car sales is increasing, it stood at 20 percent of total sales earlier and now stands at 35 percent. The company sold 435 units in 2017, up 10 percent over the previous year.

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