Petrol Two-Wheelers To Face Green Cess In India

  • Published On: 31 January 2019

The Indian government will now levy green cess on petrol powered two-wheelers in order to aid subsidising electric two-wheelers

With the future of mobility turning green with the introduction of electric cars and bikes, the Indian government has decided to levy green cess on the regular petrol powered two-wheelers. This will help the government subsidise electric scooters and bikes that will increase the sales of environment friendly two-wheelers in India.

A green cess of around Rs. 800-1000/- will be charged on two-wheelers, which will increase the on-road price of bikes marginally. The price difference between an electric bike and a regular bike is almost Rs. 50,000/- and this gap will considerably reduce once the implementation of green cess takes place.

The sales of two-wheelers is increasing with every passing year and to curb pollution, the Indian government is taking aggressive steps. The govt is also coming up with electric buses in several cities and trials have begun too. Carmakers are also investing big on electric vehicles for the Indian market and we will witness the launch of quite a few electric vehicles in India this year.

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