BMW’s new 5-series gets remote parking feature

  • Published On: 7 March 2017

New tech update will also include touch-operated functions for systems such as climate control.

BMW is raising the bar with the kind of tech that it is offering in its all-new 5-series, which rolls into showrooms this summer.

Built on the same platform as the bigger 7-series sedan, the 5 shares many design aspects with the rest of the BMW family, though the tech is something to look forward to. The 5-series will include gesture control technology for the infotainment system, along with touch controls for systems such as the climate control. But it is the remote-controlled parking system that has people excited. With this new system, you can pull your car out from the parking lot without having to physically get in. After establishing a connection between the touchscreen-equipped smart key and the car, you can hit a button to start the engine. The car then can be moved simply by sliding your finger forward on the key screen.

The model to be released in India will have some specific alterations like a roomier boot for a spare tyre. The new 5-series is expected to launch in India sometime in June-July. The sedan is expected to be offered in petrol and diesel guise with the choice of the automaker’s four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines alongside a range-topping in-line six-cylinder diesel model. Prices are expected to be in the region of ₹53-65 lakh.

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