Morgan shows its Aero GT at Geneva

  • Published On: 12 March 2018

The two-seater sportscar will be the final Aero model and it can hit 100kph in 4.5s.

British carmaker Morgan has taken the wraps off its Aero GT model at the Geneva motor show, of which will be its final Aero model. The company will only make eight units of the car.

This car will also be the last to use BMW’s N62 V8 Engine, which has been powering Morgan’s Aero since it launched in 2000. The 4.8-litre engine makes 372hp and 490Nm and channels power via a six-speed gearbox. The car can get to 100kph in 4.5sec and a top speed of 273kph. The car is inspired by Morgan’s 2009 GT3 racing car and shares many aerodynamic elements. There’s a large air diffuser, including a pair of canards on the nose and extra louvre vents.

Every panel on the Morgan Aero is sculpted by hand. It still uses the Aero 8’s aluminium chassis and adjustable suspension, but features a carbon-fibre top now. The interior is hand-finished as well.

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