Mini will Look at Using New Body Styles

  • Published On: 23 October 2017

Design boss Oliver Heilmer has stated that the Mini EV could kick-start a new era of design for the company.

Mini design boss Oliver Heilmer has stated that the design team is looking at new body styles beyond the ones currently on sale, including on the upcoming Mini EV, which is scheduled to arrive in 2019.

Heilmer believes it is vital to explore other options: “I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s good to ask if it’s going to last. The First Mini was built out of a need. I would like to understand what the needs in the next five to six years will be. We want to look at customers who are 13, 14, 15 years old now. What is their aesthetic approach? It’s obviously influenced by smartphones. But if we understand it right, we can bring this into the future.”

He confirmed that the car’s characteristic styling, like its floating roof and wheel-at each-corner stance, will remain. However, he added that its “limiting and challenging”. But, he added, “I love to deal with that challenge. You need to be experimental but can’t lose what it is.”

The next-gen Mini hatch is due in 2021.

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