Mahindra won’t make any more exclusively electric cars

  • Published On: 24 March 2017

The e2o will be the company’s only ‘born-electric’ car that it will keep working on to improve.

Mahindra plans to only have one ‘born electric’ car that showcases Mahindra’s electric powertrains. Development costs to make an all-new vehicle is extremely high and, in the future, platforms with multiple powertrain options will be the way to go for the company. The e2o Plus is the current solely electric car and will carry on being updated as usual. Most importantly, it will get an immediate update in the safety front – it will be fitted with airbags and ABS to comply with safety norms that will come in later this year.

None of the company’s mainstream models were conceived with electric power in mind and are too heavy for effective electrification unless they completely redesign the car. But Mahindra vehicles and platforms in the future will be designed with the option of accommodating electric power. This will enable quicker launch of electric versions and the vehicles themselves will have better performance and range under electric power.

Being the only EV maker in India, Mahindra Electric has good reason to be bullish about the future but, sadly, not much has transpired commercially so far and competitors are waiting in the wings. Mahindra has over 260 million kilometres of EV running across India owns a Formula electric race team and can tap into expertise from Pininfarina. The company needs to step up its electric game now if it wants to be the leading player in the field of EVs.

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