Mahindra Electric to supply components to other automakers

  • Published On: 15 March 2017

The company is also ready to supply electric drivetrain and components to other car manufacturers as well.

Mahindra Electric (ME) is going to be supplying complete electric drive systems to other vehicle manufacturers soon. The ME plant builds the e2o, while it ships out the drive systems for the eVerito sedan and eSupro van. Thus, the production line at the factory is already modified to manufacture built-up vehicles as well as fully ready electric drive systems, which can be offered to other manufacturers.

The skills required for electrification are scant and Mahindra is hoping to step in to fill the gap felt by most producers when they want to undertake electrical production. It will be the first to make this move and that just might make all the difference. Commercial and three-wheeler manufacturers might be ideal customers. The company is also looking to supply other variants such as charge controllers too. These are not produced by Mahindra as the cost overrides the profit and investments necessary are huge.

The future will be defined by how well producers sustain battery management systems, where big gains can be made in the charging and discharging cycle. Keeping this in mind, the company has invested a lot in these systems and aim to carve a dominant spot for themselves as suppliers in the market.

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