MV Agusta showcases semi-auto clutch technology

  • Published On: 13 June 2018

The compay debuted the new tech on the Turismo Veloce Lusso 800 SCS.

The company has shown a new, revolutionary Smart Clutch System (SCS) on its Turismo Veloce Lusso
800 SCS. This tech auto engages the clutch when starting off from a stationary position, and
automatically disengages when you come to a stop. This system, along with the bi-directional
quickshifter means you won’t have to touch the clutch much on the bike.
You can take over manual control by using the conventional clutch lever on the left handlebar. The SCS
does not allow the motorcycle to be left in gear when turned off, you get a parking brake instead. The
SCS system has a transparent clutch cover, so you can watch what’s going on internally. The SCS is an
additional €700 (Rs 55,500 approximately) over the price of the Turismo Veloce Lusso.

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