MG’s brand centre will be in Gurugram

  • Published On: 9 April 2018

The centre’s focus will be on raising awareness about MG's heritage.

Sometime early next year, Morris Garages (MG) Motor will begin sales operations in India. The company is currently rejigging GM’s Halol plant and the company has stated that work is ahead of schedule.

The company wants to have 70 customer touch points, and needs to do a lot towards strengthening consumer brand awareness. To aid this, MG Motor India aims to have a brand centre that’ll be ready from the minute sales commence. The company is currently buying land in Gurugram, where it will set up a multi-storied facility, which will house the brand centre and will be the company’s headquarters as well. The brand centre will feature pieces of MG Motor's heritage and its current technologies to educate visitors about the brand.

It has already started on ground activities that showcase its heritage. It is holding meets and events with owners of past MG cars, and the company is also holding road shows and vintage car rallies.

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