Kia facing “problem of riches” for models to bring to India

  • Published On: 13 June 2018

The company is deciding which cars to launch from its wide global product menu.

The company is facing what it calls a “problem of riches” in India, according to Manohar Bhat, marketing and sales head at Kia Motors India. The company’s range includes small hatchbacks, MPVs, SUVs and even a four-door coupé in the Stinger. The company showcased over 12 models from its international range at the Auto Expo 2018 and showed the SP concept internationally.

The company will start by making the production version of the SP Concept, which could be called Trazor. It will then be followed by four more models, including a compact SUV. Bhat said, “We have a lot of vehicles in that regard and while we have many ideas for the Indian market, we are currently assessing the market needs by researching various customer groups and we will gradually decide what all models to introduce here. We are, in fact, facing a problem of the riches with so many offerings in Kia’s portfolio. We would want to bring in other models as soon as possible in a lot of other segments.”

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