Jaguar’s XE and XF fitted with Ingenium petrol motor for India

  • Published On: 16 March 2018

The update has made the XE marginally costlier but the XF is much cheaper.

The XE and XF now don’t use their older engines, and instead, get the new Ingenium petrol motor. The engine was first introduced in the Land Rover Velar and has now made it to the Jaguar XE and the XF Sedans.

The new 2.0-litre, four-cylinder Ingenium engine is completely developed by JLR. It offers around 25 percent more power but consumes 15 percent less fuel thanks to its light weight. The Ingenium engine is available in various states of tune. Power figures for the moderate state of tune in the Pure and Prestige variants is 200hp, and the same engine in the Portfolio trim makes 250hp. The Ingenium engine sends power via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Prices for the XE have gone up by Rs 14,000, but the XF petrol is cheaper by a massive Rs 1.59 lakh. The same engine is also expected to power other JLR models too in the future.

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