Indian Oil Begins Doorstep Fuel Delivery Service In Chennai

  • Published On: 2 January 2019

Indian Oil has commenced doorstep delivery of fuel in Chennai.

Indian Oil has now begun its doorstep fuel delivery system in the Tamil Nadu capital, Chennai. The company will use mobile fuel dispenser vehicles for the purpose. For now, Indian Oil has made the doorstep delivery service available only with diesel. 

The fuel delivery truck has been fit with a mobile dispenser and can hold up to 6000 litres at a time. The company is currently focusing main target at present at industrial customers and not private vehicle owners. The service will offer convenience to those customers who require diesel in bulk quantities. The doorstep fuel delivery service will also aid in safer transportation of fuel reducing the need of carrying the highly flammable liquid in barrels or other containers. 

Customers looking to purchase over 2500 litres need to have a Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) license for storage, while a minimum order of 200 litres can be placed via the Repose mobile app. Once the customer places the order, the fuel will reach the concerned Indian Oil dealer with complete details of the customer (name, cell phone number, quantity required, address and time of delivery). After receiving the order, the mobile fuel dispenser will reach the location and deliver the required amount of fuel in a geo-fenced area. The customers will receive an SMS and e-bill after the dispersal. Customers can also verify the quantity of the fuel through the calibrated five-litre conical measure, available in the vehicle. The fuel delivery truck has also been equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones, among others for safety reasons.

Indian Oil first started the first started the mobile fuel delivery service in Pune last year, while Hindustan Petroleum commenced mobile fuel delivery in Mumbai last year. Both companies provide only diesel as of now.

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