Indian Motorcycle could increase overseas production

  • Published On: 29 June 2018

Indian Motorcycle could increase overseas production

With US President Donald Trump’s trade war showing no signs of slowing down, American motorcycle manufacturers are steadily deciding to take drastic action to remain solvent. Milwaukee giant Harley-Davidson recently announced its plans to move production of Europe-bound motorcycles overseas; and now Indian Motorcycle has expressed a similar desire.

In a recent statement, the company said, “Polaris has been supportive of the Administration’s pro-growth agenda, such as tax and regulatory reform that promote a robust economy and global competitiveness for all US manufacturers. However, the escalating trade war has the potential to erase the benefits Polaris received and the recent EU retaliatory tariffs have required us to expend time, energy and resources to evaluate mitigation plans, including the possibility of moving production of the Indian motorcycles that are destined for Europe from Iowa to our facility in Poland.”

“The growing impact of this trade war is increasing the costs for our vehicles,” the statement went on to say. “We continue to examine various options for managing these cost increases from both the tariffs and the domestic materials pricing.”

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