Honda Working on New Hybrid Powertrain

  • Published On: 14 August 2017

The company intends to launch a dedicated hybrid car in 2018.

The future Honda hybrid powertrain will be built in the US. The unit will feature a two-motor and combustion engine set-up. The unit will be tested in the Honda City (the same as the version sold in India) and in the sedan version of the Jazz sold abroad. Both car's lengthened body allows for space to fit large battery packs.

The hybrid unit will be similar to the Accord Hybrid that’s sold in the US. The Accord hybrid features a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, with electronic assistance, that puts out a combined output of 212hp.

There’s no information yet on specifics of each car, but Honda has stated that 50 percent of all new cars that will be launched in the next two years will feature some sort of electrification. Honda's wants to cut its CO2 emissions in half, including from manufacturing, by 2050.

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