Honda Shows its Updated CB Hornet 160R with ABS

  • Published On: 8 February 2018

The bike gets a cosmetic makeover and ABS now.

The updated version of the CB Hornet 160R comes with an LED headlight, single-channel ABS and a revised instrument console. The bike, which will be launched in a month or two, is expected to cost around ₹8,000 more for the ABS version. Also, it features restyled graphics as well.

There are no changes mechanically, the bike continues to be powered by the same 162.7cc, air-cooled motor that makes 14.9bhp and 14.5Nm. Power is channelled via a five-speed gearbox.

Honda has offered single-channel ABS as an option. The bike weighs 142kg and is fitted with a 12-litre fuel tank.

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