Ferrari applies for Targa Top patent

  • Published On: 8 August 2018

The removable roof design will appear in Ferrari’s line-up after twenty years.

The Italian carmaker has filed a patent with the European Patent Office for a new Targa removable roof system. This 'Targa Top' design could make a comeback after 20 years. The patent application refers to “a car with a ‘Targa Top’ body” that features a “coupé body with a rigid roof that is removable and is supported at the front by the upright of the windshield and at the rear by a robust, full-width roll bar”.

The new patent application is specific to the design and engineering involved. Ferrari claims that a Targa-style production car of its design would be “easy and inexpensive to manufacture.”

We’re not sure if an existing car in the line-up will feature the new, removable roof design, but the patent drawings illustrate an old F430 for reference. The 355 GTS which was sold between 1995-1999 was the last Targa-style Ferrari in mass production.

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