Bentley’s next-gen Bentley Mulsanne could go electric

  • Published On: 8 May 2018

The company is currently evaluating an all-electric successor for the Mulsanne.

The company is looking at evolving its flagship Mulsanne model for the future. The car went on sale first
in 2010, but its production run will only finish in early 2020s.
The Mulsanne’s future is up for debate, whether the company will replace it with a car like it or go for an
all-new direction in terms of design. The company could go down the Lagonda route and reinvent the
Mulsanne as a pure electric car. The new car could be a very modern and forward-looking flagship for
the brand. The carmaker intends to have a lot of pure electric versions of SUVs. The launch date will be
around the same time as the arrival of next-generation battery technology.

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