Bajaj continues to sell Pulsar 135 LS

  • Published On: 24 April 2018

Earlier reports stated that the company wasn’t selling it anymore.

The bike is currently still on sale and has re-emerged on Bajaj's website. The 135 LS continues to perform well in certain regions within the country, which is probably why Bajaj brought it back onto the website. The company says the bike was absent for scheduled ‘maintenance’ work.

Even though sales in India stopped, the company continued to export the 135 LS. Now that the company has the more premium Pulsar 150 Twin Disc in its line-up, customers may choose to get that bike instead of the 135 LS. The 135 LS is powered by a 134.6cc, air-cooled motor which puts out 13.5hp and 11.4Nm.

The bike is priced at Rs 62,528 (ex-showroom, Mumbai), and will continue to be sold in the same spec and will not get any updates. The bike has been on sale uninterrupted in some parts of the country so it isn’t affected by new compliance rules.

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