Autos, cabs will need mandatory QR code in Delhi

  • Published On: 16 May 2018

The Himmat Plus app will display driver details once you scan the QR code.

The Transport Department in Delhi issued a statement that says that it will be mandatory for all cabs and autos to display QR codes from next month. Once you scan the QR code with the ‘Himmat Plus’ app, you see details about the driver, which you can share it with their family or friends while travelling.

The Transport Department said that no permits will be issued if cab and auto owners don’t adhere. The Delhi's State Transport Authority (STA) had a board meeting last month, where they decided that the codes will be displayed conspicuously and in an accessible manner in the vehicles of permit holders.

Anyone violating the rule will be fined Rs 5,000. The ‘Himmat Plus’ app was launched in 2017 as a safety measure for women passengers. Initially, it was only available in cabs operating at the airport. Now, it is available on autos and e-rickshaws picking up passengers from select Metro stations.

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