Audi dealers offering pre-GST discounts

  • Published On: 9 June 2017

The company is aiming to clear stock before GST kicks in.

Audi was earlier offering finance and insurance schemes, along with a service package covering full maintenance, warranty, and wear and tear. In addition to this, the company is now offering its cars at a discounted price across all dealerships. While the focus of these discounts is on the A3, A4, A6 and the Q3, (details in the table below), you can bag yourself a discount on other models as well.

The government’s GST tax regime kicks in on July 1 and a lot of buyers are hesitant to buy cars till more details about the revised tax structure are out. Details regarding GST credits for dealer-held stocks are a little fuzzy still. Manufacturers don’t intend to hold on to inventories, so in conjunction with dealers, they are offering their products with attractive prices and deals, valid until GST kicks in.

Prices mentioned below are for Audi Gurgaon, Audi Delhi Central, Audi Chandigarh, Audi Kanpur, Audi Delhi South, Audi Karnal, Audi Lucknow and Audi Ludhiana,







Premium Plus TDI

Technology TDI

Technology TDI

Premium TDI

Ex-showroom Price

INR 3,230,000

INR 4,330,000

INR 5,375,000

INR 3,420,000

Audi Rush Price

INR 2,999,000

INR 3,699,000

INR 4,649,000

INR 3,049,000


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