ARAI Issues New Ground Clearance Norms

  • Published On: 18 July 2017

Cars will now be measured fully laden, instead of the earlier unladen vehicle measurement.

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has revised its ground clearance measurements standard and has directed that it must now be done with the vehicle loaded to its maximum authorised gross vehicle weight (GVW). Earlier, measurements were based on the vehicle’s unladen kerb weight.

Under a full load, the vehicle’s suspension compresses and ground clearance values will be lower, so with the new measurement process, a vehicle’s minimum ground clearance is the criteria where earlier maximum clearance value was stated.

For example, Fiat has released figures and the Avventura now has a value of 156mm instead of 205mm. All manufacturers have not declared ground clearance values yet, some are still displaying older (unladen) values.

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