AMG Hybrid Badged CLS 53

  • Published On: 30 August 2017

Mercedes-AMG plans to introduce a new petrol-electric hybrid line-up.

The new lie-up will be positioned between its ‘43’ and ‘63’ range, starting with a CLS 53.

The CLS 53 will be unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show in November and will be powered by AMG’s 367hp, 3.0-litre straight-six engine coupled to a 50kW electric motor.

The car’s combined output is likely to exceed 450hp. The hybrid CLS is expected to come fitted with regenerative braking technology to help replenish its lithium-ion batteries while the car is moving. This tech already does duty in other Mercedes cars and in the CLS it could be part of a 48V electric architecture.

The following hybrid six-pot cars could use the CLS 53's drivetrain, while an AMG E 53 would be the most likely next candidate for the system. The electric and six-cylinder system will be the only drivetrain that will come fitted on the AMG E-class coupé and convertible models.

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