5 ways to optimize car’s cooling in summers.

With the mercury soaring in the cities of North India, the summer is once again scorching up the plains. In this vast jumble of commutes and daily routine the summer proves to be a major interference with its hot discomfort. However, a refuge in the sweltering heat is the cool air of the AC in the cars while you commute. The killjoy makes an appearance when you enter the car and find that the AC is not cooling as per your expectations and you begin to sweat once again in frustration. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some handy tips that will save you from the scorching sun this summer while also keeping the performance of your car’s AC up so that you don’t have to spend half your commute sweating inside the car as you wait for the AC vents to blow cool air into the cabin.

Shade Parking

Yes, the simplest tips go the longest way in helping you out. Just find a parking area that has offers shade to your car for the major part of the day and you are good to go. The best possible scenario is that you find a covered parking spot with a roof on the top. However, if that is not available, one can always look for parking spot under a tree. The tree will make sure that the vertical rays of the sun in the afternoon do not convert your car into an oven. However, it is not possible to pull off the above mentioned tricks everyday and in case you are forced to park in the open sun, the next point is for you.

Reflectors and Blinds

Parking in the open can be a real trouble as the car gets heated up like an oven. However, a major life-saver in such situations are reflectors and blinds. The easiest possible solution to not let direct sunlight heat up your car if parked in the open is popping up blinds or reflectors on all the windows as well as the front and back windscreen of the car. This will cut off the sunlight’s direct entry into the car and your ride will be relatively cool after that.

Leave Windows Down by an Inch

There is a major security disclaimer associated with the trick as leaving the windows open even an inch in an unsecure parking area could lead to your car being stolen. However, if the parking area is secure, you can always leave the windows open for about an inch, and if you have rain visors installed on your windows, the trick is even more secure. The small opening of the windows ensures that the hot iar inside the car has a way out and your car does not becomes a literal greenhouse.

Open Windows as Your Enter

As soon as you enter the car after you have left it parked for long, do not switch on the AC at full blast. Instead, roll down the windows and leave the aircon system alone for a while. This not only quickly empties the car of the hot air that was accumulated inside, but the delay in switching on the AC means that the hot air from the radiator has escaped and AC can start circulating cool air more quickly now. This trick will also ensure that your AC has a longer life.

AC Servicing

Yes, yes, this is the most obvious but also the most important step on the list here. Timely checkup of your AC will ensure that it function without any hiccups and provides you with optimum cooling every mile on the way.

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