The new regulations will supposedly make cars faster by 5.0sec a lap.

For those who aren't exactly sure about what the new F1 tech rules imply, here is a point-by-point summary of all the changes that will follow due to the new guidelines. It is believed that the cars will be an entire 5.0sec faster per lap as compared to last year.

1. The front wings are now 1,800mm wide, up from 1,650mm, and the nose is 20mm longer. Endplates are the same distance from the front tyres due to the wing’s more curved shape.

2. Aerodynamic bargeboards and turning vanes are now included between the side pods and front wheels. The bargeboards smoothen turbulent air coming off the front wing and wheels.

3. ‘Shark fins’, which are aerodynamic devices extending rearwards from the airbox, along with the engine cover, improve how airflow is channelled.

4. The new tyres have also added weight to the cars and their minimum weight has gone up to 722kg.

5. Brake discs will be up to 4mm thicker with braking torque increasing by 25 percent and brake force of up to 6g predicted.

6. The rear diffuser’s maximum height has increased from 125mm to 175mm.

7. The rear wing is 150mm lower and 200mm wider than before, with inward curving endplates.

8. An increase in aerodynamic parts, and consequently downforce loads, will make the cars between 3.0sec and 5.0sec quicker per lap, depending on the circuit.

9. The fuel limit for each race has been increased by 5kg to 105kg, so the cars have larger tanks.

10. The overall track of the cars has increased from 1,800mm to 2,000mm.

11. Wheels are still 13-inch in diameter, but they’re 25 percent wider than last year’s. Front tyres are up from 245mm to 305mm and the rears have grown from 325mm to 405mm. The greater contact area increases grip.

12. Sustained lateral g-force that drivers experience could be up to 5.5g around corners - Turn Three at the Catalunya circuit last year was about 3g. This also means cornering speed will increase by about 40kph.

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