India Studying Viability of 15 Percent Methanol Blend in Petrol

  • Published On: 12 December 2017

The Government is taking steps to reduce the amount of pollution in the country.

Union Minister of Road and Transport Nitin Gadkari announced plans to allow the blending of 15 percent methanol with petrol, which he stated, costs only ₹22 per litre and can thus lower Fuel Costs. However, well-to- wheel emissions for coal-derived methanol tend to be extremely high. For the methanol blend to curb pollution, there needs to be proper manufacturing of coal-based

Currently, our petrol is already mixed with ethanol, but the lack of ethanol poses a problem. Instead of building expensive petrol refineries, the government is looking at other solutions. Methanol-blended automotive fuel (petrol and diesel) is already used in some countries abroad, and the mixes varies from 3 percent to 85 percent. There's no word on the exact percentage that'll be used as of now.

Most blends work without modifications to standard combustion engines, but as the blend increases, adjustments need to be made to each car.

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