10 Features Your Next Car Cannot Skip On

With the onset of better features in cars, it is only the customers that are set to benefit as the makers try to outdo each other on the brochure as well as the actual car features itself. The passage of time means that the makers have started incorporating such features in cars that earlier were considered reserved only for top end models in the market. While the recent safety feature rule may have made some very necessary features mandatory in the market, there are some other very nifty features that the car makers have started offering on their products in the market. Let’s take a look at these features and their utility.

Wash, Wiper, and Defogger at the Rear

This is one such feature that makers often skip in the lower models of the car. However, this makes driving a lot easier especially in humid and cold conditions as the rear view mirror’s line of sight remains crystal clear due to the wash wipe and defogging function for the rear windscreen. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, or you go off the tarmac a lot, this feature is a must have.

Height Adjust for Driver’s Seat

Some people are tall and some are short, however, mass manufacture of cars means that there is no one size fits all when it comes to the driver’s seat. The height adjust feature in seats then lets one adjust the height as per their need and saves the driver from hunching over or looking over the hood at every minor challenge that the road throws. Apart from this, the height-adjust function also makes driving a lot more comfortable as the ergonomics of the drive increases by leaps and bounds once the height of the seat is adjusted properly.

Telescopic and Tilt Steering Adjust

This is one feature that compliments the height adjust seat for drivers. The ability to adjust the reach and the angle of the steering wheel as per the convenience of the driver not only makes the drive more comfortable and ergonomic by a huge margin, it also makes the drive safer and free of hassles. Therefore, the next time you are out to select your ride, make sure it comes with telescopic and tilt adjust for steering wheel.

Parking Camera and Sensors

While the BNVSAP rules make it mandatory for all cars sold in India to come with parking sensors, a parking camera goes a long way in making parking easier for the driver. The unhindered view of the rear of the car gives one a better idea of the space at rear and saves your as well as adjacent car from unwanted nicks and dents. The parking camera while is a nifty feature for small cars, it becomes absolutely necessary if your ride is longer than 4 meters.

Infotainment System Connectivity

This is one trend that has fully caught on in the Indian market as even entry level offerings like the Renault Kwid come with touchscreen infotainment systems. However, make sure that the infotainment system of your next car also comes with connectivity features like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This makes the driving experience a lot smoother as one can handle calls, messages, and navigation as well as music playback without reaching for the phone.

Automatic Climate control

Automatic climate control in your next car will go a long way in keeping the interiors of the ride at a comfortable level for all the occupants in the car. While dual zone climate control is still asking a lot from a car below Rs. 10 lakhs, one can always look for single zone climate control in a sub 10-lakh car.

Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors

India is one country where people treat high beam option for their cars/bikes as a fundamental right and this causes a lot of problems and sometimes even accidents while driving during the night. Therefore, anti-glare or auto-dimming IRVMs in your car are a must have when you make the next purchase.

Electronic Adjust for ORVMs

This is yet another feature that seems extra but is actually very practical. The absolute convenience of not having to open the window for adjusting ORVMs aside, the electronic adjustment means that the driver can make fine and minute adjustments to the ORVMs for a better view while driving.

Cruise Control

Long drives can get tiresome due to the constant control of accelerator and clutch even when the road ahead is empty. This is where cruise control comes to the rescue, as one can set a cruise limit and then rest their feet as the system takes over acceleration and requires only steering feedback. While earlier cruise control was reserved for high price cars, recently makers like Honda have started offering it on their sub-4 meter models as well.

One Touch Down Windows

This is yet another feature that makes life in the car considerably easier for the driver as they are saved from providing constant feedback to the window down button. Just a touch and windows roll down, may seem a bit extra in theory but can be a nifty feature for driver, especially for those who drive longer distances.

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