Car wash
  • Removes Dirt Which Causes Damages to the Vehicle Paint
  • Safer Driving by Improving Visibility
  • Keeps the Vehicle Hygienic
  • Prevents Rusting and Corrosion
  • Longer Vehicle Life and Improves Resale Value
Wheel Alignment
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Experience Smoother Driving
  • Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Increase the Life of Tyres
Wheel Balancing
  • Eliminate Vibration in Steering Wheel and other Parts
  • Smoother Ride on Highway Speeds
  • Reduce Wear and Tear of Tyres
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Increase the Life of Tyres
60 Points Car Inspection
  • Engine Oil, Filters, Battery, Throttle, Brakes, Clutch, Gear Box, Suspension, Lights, Air Conditioning and many more
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance Cost
  • Keeps it Environment Friendly
  • Improves Resale Value
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